Barren dwelling

This fall, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a very different kind of shoot than I've done in the past. I found Jamie through social media and was so drawn to his style. He and his girlfriend, Deb, travel the world exploring abandoned structures and capture their findings via breathtaking images. I wanted to try something new while keeping true to my style, and working with Deb and Jamie worked out so well. Elise and I braved the elements with the seasoned "Urbex"ers which led us to the creepiest house I'd ever been inside. It was like stepping onto the set of a scary movie, except it wasn't a set, and it was real life scary. FYI: I'm terrified of spiders and ghosts, but luckily I didn't see any ghosts while we were there. I hope you enjoy the photos, and please check out Jamie and Deb on Instagram! 



Photographers: Jamie Betts (@the.metropolis) & Deborah Lillis (@_soliveyourlife_)

Model: Elise Allred & Myself

Wardrobe: Silk Organza Dresses, White Ruffle Blouse, Duster Coats provided by  Verdalina | Other pieces are my own

Location: Hanover, VA