room with a view

Think 1950s housewife goes to the big city and makes it her B$%#h. That's where I was going with this. I love to mix things up when I can, and I especially love the color combination in this look, reminiscent of a watermelon. My grandmother, my greatest style icon, designed an inspiring "watermelon room" in her riverfront home about 20 years ago which I remember vividly. It continues to amaze me how she managed to pull together a bold color combination to create such a classically refined space. This one's for her, the 1950s housewife ended up on top.

Green and White Stripe Button Front Dress | Oscar de la Renta from Baggio Consignment| More Oscar pieces to fall in love with

Pink Lace Pencil Skirt | This dress can be worn in the same fashion

Brocade Pants | J.Crew | Another gorgeous pair of brocade pants

Tote | Yves Saint Laurent | Baggio Consignment 

A Gorgeous Gold Bangle | Another Fun Bangle | This One is Great Too AND on Sale

Gold Brooch | A Similar One by Chanel | And Another Brooch

Double Strap Pumps | These Pumps are Even Cuter