Vintage kittens

Vintage pieces always come with fun or meaningful stories. For example, Tori's coat is a hand-me-down from her grandmother. My leather skirt was a gift from my cousin, Rosie, who is absolutely fabulous and lives in California where she has a closet stocked full of handmade, vintage leather skirts in all colors of the rainbow. Tori's bag is vintage and was her graduation gift. My bag by Hester Van Eeghen was a gift from a very kind customer whom I helped a few years ago while working at a local boutique. I made the choker from a belt that came with a sweater vest I recently purchased. And the stunning and luxurious coat I'm wearing is from Verdalina, made by Evam Eva.
Mixing in special, vintage pieces with newer items makes for creative takes on modern trends.

I'm wearing: