What a beautiful DREAM closet Anne Tollett and her team designed for me! They are so incredibly talented! It is a new life goal to have this in my own home, but in the meantime I get to play with my virtual clothes. We really wanted you to be able to see what is actually in this closet, so along with having a complete Buying Guide of my clothing choices for spring/summer 2015, I have curated several outfits for you to see how the pieces I've chosen can work together. When building the featured collection, I intended for the majority of the items to be extremely versatile so that purchasing even just one thing, no matter the price point, could open up doors in anyone's wardrobe. You will find that whatever your taste may be there is something in my closet for you to love. All it takes is a little styling. Just ask me how!

Island getaway

How perfect is this bathing suit?! Like a chameleon, you will transform to fit your surroundings with the pieces I have laid out for you here in this island getaway ensemble. Picture your day: You wake up in paradise and put on all of the layers to get ready for breakfast. On the beach you get down to your suit, but when you decide to go for a walk all you have to do is throw on your tunic. Afterward, you head to the strip for some shopping and lunch, so you put on those shorts and slip your tunic in your bag. You can get so many great looks from just a few things! Then, call me and invite me to come play :)

Cabana nights

Here is your sultry look for an evening full of swimming and fruity cocktails. The bathing suit is like an LBD by itself, but when you want to hide that bootay, the cutest coverups are often things other than coverups. I usually wear tunics, maxi dresses, sun dresses, or shorts and a tank over my bathing suits, so you can get more wear out of your wardrobe in this way. I chose this adorable romper because not only is it party-worthy, but the neckline is going to lay so nicely overtop of the bathing suit straps that you won't even know it's there. Feel free to add bangles and heels at your leisure. You're welcome.

Farmer's Market Meandering 

This is a perfect casual daytime outfit for shopping, going to a farmer's market or outdoor event, or just to grab lunch with a girlfriend. You are sure to look adorable in these casual 'Girlfriend' jeans, with a slightly slimmer fit than a boyfriend jeanI own a pair of these go-with-everything booties and they truly do go with everything: dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, cropped wide-leg pants, and the list goes on and on!

Patio Party

Feeling fierce? Gladiators are all the rage this season with every heel height and every color available. A flat gladiator sandal in tan leather is going to be so versatile (and comfortable) that you will most likely end up getting more wear out of them and may even get to bring them out again next year! This outfit would be super fun for an outdoor summer party or for dinner on a patio. During the warmer months, I like to tie my classic button-down at the waist and roll the sleeves up a few times for a more relaxed, cool look like I did here. I even use it in this way as a cardigan overtop of tanks or long, sleeveless shirts like this. Swap out the gladiators for a nude pump, tuck in your shirt and throw on a white blazer, and you are magically transformed into a working woman. This skirt will never go out of style and can be worn SO many different ways.


Another great daytime outfit, for the adventurous soul. All of these items are going to work with a million other outfits, so any of them would be a good investment. These olive green shorts can act as a neutral and be worn with many different colors such as shades of pink, black, grey, shades of purple, and brown. Like aviators, tortoise shell sunglasses are an everyday staple, but aviators don't always look good on everyone, so if that is the case for you try these instead.


You are a bohemian goddess at the beach. This faux-wrap skirt would be flattering on every shape as it sits at the narrowest part of the waist and has an opening in the front just wide enough to show a little skin, thus elongating the heck out of your legs. To make your legs seem even more sky high wear a pair of nude heels or those nude peep-toe booties I made you fall in love with earlier. I have tested the theory that men love a woman in a white tank top, and it really is true. They're so simple, but it absolutely is one of the most attractive articles of clothing a woman can wear. This season, a white crop top is the new white tank top. Pair it with every high-waisted bottom you own. Done and done.

Daytime Wedding

If you're noticing a trend, it's because a crop top and a high-waisted skirt are my uniform when I am being lazy. BUT it can be worn in so many different ways that no one will ever notice (muaha) and the look is ultra chic. This outfit recipe is best for accentuating a small waist and minimizing large hips or broad shoulders. Also, if you know the weather is going to be cool, swap out the black short-sleeve crop top for a long-sleeve version and watch your arms shrink before your eyes.  You won't spend the whole night with your hand glued to your hip to avoid "fat arm" in pictures. It's like magic.

Monochrome mondays

Loving these rich shades of purple! So, this would be my choice of work outfit for my fellow brunettes because these colors will really make that gorgeous hair stand out. The cuffs are also dark and chunky (only wear one at a time.) so, if you are someone with fair skin you run the risk of shortening the appearance of your arm by cutting it in half, and that would be no bueno. Really and truly, you will look so polished and put together in this it's not even funny.

businessy blonde

Blondies, this one's for you! Again, brunettes can wear this look too, but refer to my previous statement about how purple is better for you. Blondes, you will look like fuzzy, glowing angels in this neutral daydream. I realize these heels are totally impractical, but who doesn't want to rock a pair of Louboutin's all day like they are immune to pain? This is my fantasy world wardrobe, so I wear 5in pumps all day if I want. But, I know in real-life-working-world a pair of nude flats, wedges or low pumps would be ideal, so please refer to the buying guide for more options. 

all day everyday

Is it a shirt? A dress? It's a shirtdress! I am LOVING these this summer. One of my favorite looks of the season is pairing white, high-waisted skinny jeans with a shirtdress that's buttoned only down to the belt line. It's so slimming and covers every problem area. I love to play around with things I already have, so I recently wore an old shirtdress from H&M, wrapped the  matching belt around my head like a headband, and threw on some white jeans. The look is so so cool, especially when you stand with one knee bent and a hand in your pocket. The very best part about this ensemble is the fact that you can literally take off your pants and go out for the night. But don't forget to close the rest of the buttons and belt it! 


This is another one of those wear-me-over-white-jeans shirt dresses that I am swooning over right now. But you can also wear a white dress pant underneath and keep it belted which would be nice for the office. Navy looks beautiful on everyone, and this material drapes so nicely. Any of the lipstick shades in the Buying Guide will look great with this with the exception of Saucy Mauve. Again, take off your pants and what a cute outfit for cocktails with your girls or dinner with your beau??


Can you say HAUTE? These pieces are all really sexy and can be worn a million different ways. Cropped wide-leg pants are the new skinny-jeans, so get some right meow. Imagine wearing this outfit while traveling. Not only will people wonder which celebrity they saw at the airport that day, but you'll also be so comfortable and have some practical layering going on. A basic neutral top in any sleeve length would be great underneath this, or if you want to go super high-fashion try a bold red or neon top and a black pump. I think the blue and white stripe crop top pictured above would be phenomenal underneath and would transform easily from traveling all day to hitting the town in your destination city. Also, the shoes might be comfortable enough for some, but if you prefer even more comfort for travel try out the Donald J Pilner Mesh Toe-Ring Sandals instead.

I hope you fell in love with some of these pieces the way that I have! There are SO many more possible outfit combinations to create with these clothes and accessories, but I wanted to showcase a few examples of what you can do. Let's play dress up in your closet next time!!